Hey Jim! How can i help you?

" Take me to the nearest Starbucks please "


Give me a moment, I will plan your trip!

Shortest route is 29 minutes away...

We will use metro 10 and metro 8.

" Hey MiMi"

" OK MiMi, Engage "





just like

a guiding dog...

Features to

empower you

We call it process Zero. MiMi uses a combination of sensors and cameras to collect data points and generate 3D maps for the surrounding environment and memorizes frequently used routes. This feature optimizes calculation performance every time the user visits the same place again.

MiMi is also designed to enable users to share 3D maps of places and defined routes with the community.

The user can also discover new places  and register POIs on the World Map and gain loyalty points.


MiMi recognizes obstacles (static or moving) and trace trajectories real-time.

Various classes of objects are detected and classified using state of the art CNNs and machine learning algorithms

Also, useful  information such as road intersections, traffic lights, road signs, stairs, bus station, building entrance are directly given to blind people in order to have sense of surrounding environment and navigate more safely and securely.


MiMi takes a visually impaired person  from point A to point B autonomously and with very little intervention.

Based on the trip plan and real-time situations, embedded navigation system traces or updates  best route.

MiMi integrates with smart city infrastructure through APIs and  exchange information about traffic perturbations, public transport, bus stops, metro stations, taxi services etc.

MiMi can also help to find other canes in a given 


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